Our first summer in an Outwell Smartair Tent

For several years my husband and I have been looking for the perfect family tent. My husband is quite the outdoorsy type, so he spent a long time looking for a tent with all the right features and qualifications. This spring he suddenly eyed Outwell’s brilliant inflatable smartair tents.


Now, I don’t mind vacationing in a tent, but with two small children and a dog, I required it had to be a very comfortable tent, and it had to be easy to pitch and easy to take it down. My husband promised me that Outwell’s tents would live up to all my requirements, and thus we got us a brand new Outwell smartair tent – the Tomcat MP (you can read more about it here!)

My husband was so excited when he was about to open the bag, that he wanted to do a video of his first pitching of this wonder-tent. Not wanting to hold him back, I let him get to it, on his own, so he could prove to me, just how easy pitching this tent would be.

As you can see, his first pitching was pretty impressive. It took him a mere four minutes. He spent about a minute inflating the tent, and then as you can see, he was quick to have it standing up. I was impressed and very happy, and it got me so excited for this summer’s vacationing.

As we looked at tents, in different price ranges, we decided that even though this tent was a bit expensive, it would be the same price that we would pay for a two week holiday in a holiday apartment in Southern France. And this way, we got to keep the “apartment” and use it week after week, year after year. It would quickly pay for itself, with all the money we would save on paying for housing, during other future holidays. And with a great tent, one can be much more spontaneous.

If the weather is good during the weekend, it is easier to just pack the kids in the car and go. There’s always a tent pitch somewhere out there. And waking up to the sound of chirping birds and pure nature, is priceless.

Now, along with our tent we also got a table and four chairs from Outwell’s Spring Hill Blue series.


One of the many great features of this tent, is that it is so big that one can stand up in it, even my husband who is 1.87 m. It also divides into three rooms. Two of the rooms can be opened up, so it makes one great big room.

Among the many details inside the tent are pockets for stuff, a zipped entrance for electric cables, tinted windows, a lamphanging-point and low windows, so you can check out the weather, without getting out of bed 😉 We love our new tent and we can’t wait to get on the road with it this summer as we head down through Europe, from Denmark through Germany and Austria, down to Venice and then finally we’ll hopefully end up in Rome. During the summer we will blog and show photos from our trip and much more about the details of the tent etc. You can follow our adventures this summer here on the blog, on our Facebookpage here! or even on Husmoderen.dk’s Youtube-Channel or via aliciailskov on Instagram.


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